Do I Have to Keep Communicating with Creditors After Filing Bankruptcy?

Posted on : January 2, 2018
you don't have to talk to creditors after filing bankruptcy

One of the primary reasons you might have scheduled your initial bankruptcy consultation is so that you can stop the annoying letters and phone calls following you. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with your debt situation, you need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to help protect your interests now and in the future.

If you’ve already filed for bankruptcy, there are some important protections you get right away. If the creditors keep calling or even going to the next level and harassing you seriously, then you need to talk to an attorney right away. You can tell these creditors that you’ve already filed for bankruptcy. This means that when you get an automatic stay protection from filing your petition, the creditors have to stop getting in touch with you. This is very important if you and your family members have been stressed out in recent months and weeks because of the nonstop calls.

If a creditor continues to reach out to you or threatens you, this is information you might use in a legal claim against them. Keep track of any phone calls or communications that continue from these creditors after you informed them that you’ve filed for bankruptcy. Telling them to stop may be the only thing you’ll need to do in order to get protection, but some creditors just don’t get the message. If this applies in your individual case, share your concerns directly with a lawyer who will help you put together a legal claim against those debt collectors.

As a person who has filed bankruptcy, you’re afforded protections immediately. This can give you a chance to catch a breath and to figure out next steps. Whether you’re filing for Chapter 7 and hoping for a total liquidation or whether you’ve planned a payment plan under Chapter 13, you shouldn’t be harassed for taking advantage of your legal right to get relief. Creditors shouldn’t continue to pursue you and you are not responsible for talking to them after you’ve filed. If you’ve encountered problems with creditors respecting that, you can file a legal claim of your own.

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