Medical Bills Are the Biggest Cause of Bankruptcies

Posted on : August 8, 2017

When your finances feel impossible, it’s good to know that you have someone in your corner. The right bankruptcy lawyer is a great advocate for you over the course of your legal claim, as he or she can help to answer some of the most important questions you’ll have.

There are many different reasons why someone may contemplate filing for bankruptcy, but one of the most common has to do with significant medical bills. Even one accident or medical condition could lead to significant expenses after leaving the hospital. Even if you have health insurance in place, there is a good chance that your health insurance might not cover the full scope the injuries you sustain in a car accident or a sudden procedure like an appendectomy. It can be devastating to realize that you will not be able to pay back this debt and that it will hang over your head for many years to come, but consulting with an experienced attorney is strongly recommended.

Medical bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy throughout the United States and if this is currently affecting your life, you should not feel any shame in considering bankruptcy.

Many people need the fresh start of bankruptcy to be able to allow them to move on successfully after a medical event has caused them a financial setback. Someone who is suffering from a medical condition should not have to worry about the additional stress associated with being able to pay their bills. If you feel like you are in over your head and there is no way for you to catch up, bankruptcy may be the only way for you to start over. Wiping out your debts in bankruptcy from your medical bills alone can give you the opportunity to get back on your feet financially and to move forward into a more successful future. The right bankruptcy attorney can play a critical role in assisting you with filing for bankruptcy and receiving timely relief for your financial concerns.

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