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Stop the Collection Calls

How to Stop Collection Calls

One of the most overwhelming aspects of finding yourself facing financial difficulty are the constantstop-collection-calls collection calls. Although federal rules, as well as state laws, prohibit some of the actions that creditors can take in an effort to recover money owed to them, there are also rules about how they can legally reach out to you in an effort to recover these funds. These calls can be overwhelming and frustrating even when the creditor is following all applicable laws.

A Great Way To Stop The Calls Completely

One of the best ways to stop collection calls entirely is to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney and get the fresh start that you need by petitioning for bankruptcy and moving forward. Filing for bankruptcy has numerous benefits such as stopping wage garnishments, stopping lawsuits as well as judgments. One other benefit is stopping harassing collection calls or letters. No creditor can continue to make harassing phone calls to you demanding payments after you file for bankruptcy.

They Must Discontinue Their Phone Calls

By law, they are required to discontinue these phone calls and to stop sending you notices, bills or harassing letters. Bankruptcy may be the right opting for an individual wondering how to stop collection calls and the constant contact from creditors. You may also be able to get benefits for judgments entered against you to keep these from turning into garnishments. This is true even if a creditor has previously sued you in court or has already got a judgment directly against you that can be discharged in some cases when you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Furthermore, if you are already facing wage garnishment with your bankruptcy petition for Chapter 7, you will be able to stop all bank account levies and garnishments.

No Collection Until After The Bankruptcy Is Filed

Creditors are not able to continue collecting from you by levy or garnishment until after the bankruptcy is filed. In many cases, they can get back the funds that were most recently garnished. If you are concerned about wage garnishment and all the other benefits associated with filing for bankruptcy such as stopping the harassing collection calls coming from people that you owe money to, it is imperative that you consult with a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. You are not eligible to reap any of the benefits like stopping the collection calls until you have had the opportunity to file for bankruptcy and until it has been accepted by the court.